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Prunus amygdalus



The Alchemilla Skin Care Herbarium enables everyone to enjoy learning about the wonderous world of beauty-enhancing herbs, their history, healing principles, and how they help to promote a balanced, radiant complexion.

The use of plants to care for the skin is not something new, in fact the art of natural beauty dates back to ancient times, where folklore was depended upon in understanding what medicinal properties a specific plant possessed.

During the last few decades a steadily increasing interest in using plants as medicine has meant that we now have a rapidly increasing amount of clinical data and scientific validation that was previously non-existent.

Much of the data available today validates many herbal folk-remedies, but more importantly provides us with a new, solid understanding of how the various chemical constituents in plants work to heal, protect, nourish, fortify and ultimately promote a balanced physiology in the skin.

We now know that the plant world is rich in free-radical-scavenging antioxidants, moisturizing emollients, cell-protecting bioflavinoids, polyphenols and vitamins that provide us with the perfect material to develop powerfully effective skin-beautifying treatments.

At Alchemilla every herb is considered a potential source of beauty benefits. If you?ve ever wondered why our pure, plant-based skin care products work so well, browse this unique Skin Care Herbarium.

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