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Skin Care Affiliate Program

If you have a web site, you can start earning sales commissions by joining the Alchemilla Affiliate Program!

The quick and easy explanation:

Simply add a special affiliate link to your website and earn a commission on every sale that you've referred.

What you get:

Commission: 15% Tier 1, 2% Tier 2
Cookie Duration: 365 days (so you keep on earning!)
Payout Threshold: $10
Payouts Via: Check, Paypal
DataFeed: Possible
Program Start Date: 1/31/12
Fees: Absolutely free to join and participate.

How it works:

First, you apply to be an affiliate using our online sign-up form. Then, Alchemilla will review your application to determine whether you qualify to enter the Program.

Once you are approved, you will receive your affiliate code, which you can use to add a special link from your site to ours. Our tracking software will tag the visitor and note that he or she came to us via your website. If that visitor buys something on our site, you'll receive a commission on that sale.

If you send us several customers a day, those commissions can really add up!

Join the Alchemilla Skin Care Affiliate Program >

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Affiliate Program Questions:

Are there any fees or charges associated with being an Alchemilla Natural Skin Care affiliate?

No, our program is absolutely free of charge.

How much commission will I earn?

We offer a generous 15% commission on all tier-1 sales and an additional 2% on all tier-2 sales (where you referred another affiliate who converted a click to a sale).

How often will I get paid?

We will pay-out commission once per month at the beginning of the month once your account has reached a credit of $10.00 before the end of the previous month.

Are there limits to how much I can earn, or on the products I can earn commission from?

The sky is the limit! There is no limit to the amount of commission you can earn. Sales of all natural skin care products, organic bath and body care products, and herbal remedies found at are eligible to receive commission.

Can websites outside of the US or Canada become Alchemilla affiliate members?

Yes, as long as there is a valid Paypal account into which we can pay commission.

Can I use text or pictures from Alchemilla's website?

All content at is protected by copyright. You may use images and content from our site only as it directly pertains to the sale and promotion of our products through your website and only if it specifically links to our site for that purpose. For any special circumstances other than that described, simply contact us for approval.

How do I know how much commission I have earned?

You will be provided with an account log-in, which allows access to reporting/tracking data that will show exactly how many sales have been made via your site and how much commission you will be paid.

Are there any exclusions?

We do not calculate commissions on aromatherapy products (eg. diffusers, essential oils or essential oil blends).

Please CONTACT US with any further questions.

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