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NEW Facial Starter/Travel Kits

Facial Starter/Travel Kits

Alchemilla Facial Starter/Travel Kits make it easy to be good to your skin wherever you are! Our kits are packaged in a reclosable, re-usable clear bag, perfect for on-board airline travel, and will last 1-2 weeks, or longer.

NCAP For every Facial Starter/Travel Kit sold, we donate $1 to the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides - an organization committed to protecting environmental health and inspiring ecologically sound solutions to reduce the use of pesticides.

Facial Starter/Travel Kit - Dry Skin

Travel Kit - Dry Skin

The Alchemilla Dry Skin Kit contains preparations that hydrate and help to replenish and strengthen the skin's natural hydrolipidic barrier. Read more >

Each $26

Facial Starter/Travel Kit - Combination Skin

Travel Kit - Combination Skin

The Alchemilla Combination Skin Kit includes formulations that contain epidermal equalizing plant actives to help to balance sebum levels. Read more >

Each $26

Facial Starter/Travel Kit - Sensitive Skin

Travel Kit - Sensitive Skin

Our sensitive travel kit contains a selection of gentle products to cleanse, replenish and soothe extra sensitive skin types. Read more >

Each $26

Facial Starter/Travel Kit - Oily Skin

Travel Kit - Oily Skin

Includes formulations that are designed to clarify and refresh skin, remove ingrained dirt from pores and restore sebum balance. Read more >

Each $26

Facial Starter/Travel Kit - Normal Skin

Travel Kit - Normal Skin

The Normal Skin Kit contains preparations to help maintain your skin's natural protective, restorative and re-balancing actions. Read more >

Each $26

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