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Some of our favorite unsolicited testimonials from happy Alchemilla customers:

    • I love this [Antioxidant Concentrate] serum. My skin looked brighter and firmer by the time I used up the sample, and I can see the difference if I run out. (so I don't!). I also love the Calming Cleansing Milk and the Healing Lip Balm. They are both great products and last a long time! Becki, Portland Oregon
    • I am thoroughly enjoying your products! The Calming Cleansing Milk is truly calming; it has been great for my sensitive skin. Between this and the Rosebay Willowherb Cream, my skin feels perfectly clean and moisturized. It has been hard to find pure, clean and organic products such as yours in the stores ? even at Whole Foods. Thank you so very much! Hanna, WA
    • I love your products! I started using them about 6 months ago and am adding more to my collection as I go on! I have tried many eye gels over the years with the results being puffy eyes or irritation, but I decided to try again with your Antioxidant Eye Contour Gel and the results have been great! Thanks for caring for people like myself who are still interested in natural skin care and preserving our planet and it's resources! Barbara, PA
    • Yesterday, I went to [an] event at Bergdorf Goodman... in NY they're not shy to get you to buy by insinuating that you're not looking your best. That didn't happen yesterday. In fact, I got compliments on how healthy my skin looked. Often from women ten to twenty years younger than I am....I thought you'd enjoy knowing that your products was standing up to some of the most exclusive lines sold in one of the most expensive stores in NYC. Deborah, NYC
    • I have been using Alchemilla for about a week now and I am alreadyfeeling improvements in my skin. I am 36 years old and suffer from adult acne. All the other acne fighting products I was finding were very harsh on my sensitive skin and this leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, but not oily.It is GREAT! I am also very impressed with the customer service department. They answered all my questions in a timely mannerand made itvery comfortable for me to talk tothem.Iplaced an order andrecieved the wrong facial cleanser and they were very gracious about replacing it right away. I am very excited to have found this company!!! Susan, Oregon
    • OMG - I just have to say that your products are AWESOME! The only thing that my oily, hyper-sensitive skin responds to and I have tried just about everything on the market. Thank you, Alchemilla team. What lovely creations from our Mother Earth of Oregon. Nicole, Mississippi
    • I love your products and what a significant improvement I've seen in my skin! Erin, Louisiana
    • I want to tell you that my skin has improved since I used Alchemilla products last Saturday morning. I could not believe how soft and smooth my skin was. The products did not feel irritating on my skin. Guess what, I used the exfoliating face wash cream sample. I am surprised that it did not irritate my skin. The redness and peeling has reduced!!! It healed quickly!!! And the Rosebay Willowherb Cream worked! I used it on my cheeks for overnight only. I could not believe it!!... Oh, and the serum! Oh my!!! I like the feeling of my skin. I cannot describe it. I am so happy. I am so relieved. Toinina, Virginia
    • Just wanted to let you know that I'm very impressed with the high level of personal customer service at Alchemilla. Several times I've asked questions and have always received responses in a very short period of time. Add to that the incredibly detailed information on the user-friendly website and, of course, the absolutely hands-down best skin care I've ever tried, and it all points to a company of high integrity that I have the utmost confidence in dealing with!Barbara, Washington
    • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my first order. The Alchemilla products are wonderful. Nothing irritated my skin or made it break out. I want to report that my skin was clear, oil-free, smooth and healthily radiant using your products. Everything felt fresh and good and real on my skin, not fakey or like I had just applied a bunch of chemicals. I had a new driver's license picture taken a day or two after I started the trial kit, and my skin was positively glowing in the photo. A.N., S Carolina
    • My skin/face is breakout prone...and the appearance of my skin drastically improved since I've used your products... This is the only thing that has kept my blemishes under control and my skin clear! Lauren, Maryland
    • I see one major problem with your line and, that is, it is so PHENOMENAL and wonderful that now I don't want to use any of my other stuff! Mind you, some time back I had vowed that I would finish up any opened creams, lotions, etc, before I tried a new brand. Well, forget it! My skin is responding beautifully to every Alchemilla product. The scents and silkiness are beyond luxurious and I think that you have made perhaps the best Antioxidant Serum and Eye Gel. I absolutely love Alchemilla and I will tell all of my friends and associates about my newfound 'discovery'! Nora, California
    • I have to tell you I am hooked on your products...After just a couple of days of using your products I really noticed a difference. They all feel very rich upon application but they do not leave your skin feeling heavy or looking shiny at all. The Neroli oil is my favorite, it really helps reduce the fine lines and gives your skin such a glow. The Rehydrating Day Cream is also phenomenal -okay it is my favorite too- I love the relaxing scent. So far everything in the kit is wonderful and the best part is you really only have to use just a small amount of each product. I feel like I am giving myself a mini facial every time I apply the products! I am definitely HOOKED!! Marlene, Illinois
    • After trying TONS of products at Nordstrom...and at the health food store, which irritated and did not work for me, the Alchemilla facial products are WONDERFUL for my sensitive, thin, mature skin type. At first I thought the rosebay willowherb cream was not quite enough moisture, but as I have used them over about 2 weeks now, it seems fine and to have healed and cut down the red, almost no red inflamed spots, and I think the moisture level is better as I have used the whole line of things. My skin continues to improve the longer I am using only your products. I do love your skin care products! Sorine, Oregon
    • I ordered some of your products a week ago or so ago and have been using them for the last few days. I believe that you are definitely the solution to my skin care problems and will unconditionally recommend you to all my friends. Consider this the second order of many to come. Karen, Texas
    • I love your products! I was living in L.A. buying them from a spa, I moved to Virginia and continue to enjoy them by ordering online! My skin has never looked better! Mary, Virginia
    • I started using just a few of the products on my own skin 2 days ago...WOW I new I picked a great skin care line! My face has never felt this soft before, it feels like silk! Karen, Maryland
    • I actually swooned when I was applying (the masque). I have heard the word 'silk used all the time when companies refer to their products. However, yours really IS like silk...The moment I used the scrub I was entranced! The slip is perfect...and [my client's] skin was phenomenal. Gail, New Jersey
    • I love the face wash! Due to my sensitive skin I am used to exfoliating only once a week, but because the Exfoliating Face Wash Cream is gentle I can exfoliate every day! I love how it feels on my skin, and knowing that all the ingredients are natural, I feel good about using them on me. I also love that my face is really smooth after I get done! Paren, Illinois
    • I can't get over the natural scents and the creamy softness when I use the products. It's almost too good to be true. Sharon, Washington
    • Just received my first order and love the [wonderful] products! E., Connecticut
    • I've got drier skin which occasionally breaks out a little bit ... I've been using the Rosebay Willowherb Cream and it heals blemishes overnight! You likely already know that, but I thought I'd pass it along. Francis, California
    • ...lavender is my favorite - I've tried almost every lavender body product I found but don't feel there is enough [lavender oil] in the shower gels...actually some don't even smell very much like lavender. Yours smells soooo good and I was skeptical, but it is true that my skin feels like silk afterward. Merrill, New Jersey
    • I am 53 and have always had dry, sensitive skin. The serum makes my skin feel so nourished, calmed and satiny smooth without any greasiness. Candice, Illinois
    • Thank you for creating these products! I love them, and they are so great for my skin. There are already a few I can not live without. I can't wait to try them all! S., California
    • I am so impressed by the level of service you have offered! Thank you!
      K., Nova Scotia
    • Alchemilla featured as one of the 'safer and greener' skin care alternatives during the Seattle Nightly News Eco-Consumer Segment. Watch news segment >>
    • ...your products are wonderful. I no longer use anything else on my face. W., Michigan
    • I've been avoiding manual exfoliators since the skin on my cheeks have thinned. However, the Exfoliating Face Wash Cream is the most gentle, manual exfoliator that I've ever used. My skin is never irritated or void of moisture. [It] consists of jojoba beads and organic herbal extracts to allow gentle polishing. I love that I can use this face cream every day. I don't have to worry [whether] my face is really clean or if I'm damaging my skin. The jojoba beads are soft yet they exfoliate without scarring my skin or making it more sensitive. This is definitely a plus for me since my skin is sensitive enough and I have more than enough scars.
    • Love these products -- this is the only thing that has ever kept my blemishes under control and my skin clear. Lauren, Maryland
    • Alchemilla a good choice when it comes to organic skin care. I was definitely impressed with the quality.
    • You are the best ever! Customer service is a huge selling point to me and now not only does Alchemilla have amazing products but the customer service is through the roof as well! I will be a life long customer now! Thank you so much for everything! Anastasia,California
    • Please allow me to compliment you on your customer service - it is something that Alchemilla should truly be proud of. L.P. Missouri
    • We've seen calendula as an ingredient in countless skincare products, but it rarely makes a star turn like it does in the oh-so pure Calendula Cream by Alchemilla. -
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