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Sweet Orange Lip Balm

Sweet Orange
Lip Balm

Lip Balm with natural organic Orange Essential Oil scent.

0.5 oz$11.95

Lavender Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Lip Balm with natural Lavender Essential Oil scent.

0.5 oz$11.95

Lip Balm (Fragrance-Free)

Lip Balm

0.5 oz (15g) US$11.95
Add Lip Balm Fragrance Free to Cart

*SAME Product, New Packaging!*

Beauty Benefits:

-Instantly comforts and softens dry lips.
- Fragrance free.
-Provides a lasting sense of deep moisturization.
-Leaves lips smooth, supple and truly comfortable.
- No irritating peppermint or menthol*.
- A truly soothing lip balm suitable for all skin types.
- Jar lasts up to 12 months or more.

Alchemilla lip balms are unlike any you've ever used - our lip balms are the last you'll ever need to use...we guarantee it!

Extremely comforting and completely natural, Fragrance-Free Lip Balm (formerly known as 'Healing Lip Balm') is made with soothing botanicals from our own herb garden and with no added aromatic ingredients, is perfect for extra sensitive skin.

With Alchemilla Lip Balms there is no need for endless re-applying. The softening emollient ingredients are highly compatible with the skin on the lips and provide lasting comfort and moisture.

Natural Actives: Calendula*, Carrot, Chamomile*, Olive*, St John's Wort*, Vitamin E
* Organic

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Directions for Use:

Smooth a tiny amount over lips using finger or cotton tip. Re-apply as often as required. May be worn over lip color for a natural glossy sheen.

*Peppermint and menthol are irritants that cause a deep inflammation reaction. These ingredients may feel cool and soothing at first, but their irritating and drying actions on the lips and skin are, in fact, responsible for most chronically dry lip issues and lip balm dependency.


"healing lip balm is particularly amazing - not only does it moisturize lips like crazy, but it also provides immediate relief to my dry, cracked lips - without an overpowering smell or taste."

"At the very least, pick up the locally made Alchemilla?s healing lip balm. This botanical-based formula keeps kissers crack-free, even after a long day stuck in the lift lines." BrianBarker, Portland Monthly Magazine

"Love your Lip Balm!!!! I have tried many, many products for my lips, but nothing has worked as well as your product. I lived in N.Y. almost my whole life, and now live in Las Vegas, a desert!!! When my Doctor saw my lips (after living here only a few months, my lips were sooo dry and flaky looking, just awful!!). He commented on my lips. Knew I had to do something!!!! I tried a few products and was continuing my search. Somehow I found you online and have been using the lip balm. (It) keeps my lips moist and healthy looking and feeling great!!! Really super product!..." Doris. A., Nevada

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