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Certified Cruelty Free
Member: Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Member: PCRM Humane Company
Member: United Plant Savers
Member: American Botanical Council
Environmental Working Group - Campaign for Safe Cosmetics  

Alchemilla, Oregon ~ All Natural Skin Care Products

~ Hand-Made with Organic Ingredients ~

We all have an inherent natural beauty.

The key to revealing that beauty is not in fighting or manipulating our skin
with harsh chemicals, but in realizing how beautiful we already are,
and in honoring our body temple by nourishing our skin with gentle,
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At Alchemilla we create highly effective, hand-made products using
natural, organic ingredients.
Our products are designed to deeply nurture
and truly care your skin, enhancing its normal functions to restore balance
and promote
a visibly healthier, naturally radiant glow.

And Alchemilla is recognized as a "Safe Cosmetics Champion and Innovator" by EWG,
so with Alchemilla you can have peace of mind as well as beautiful skin!

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