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About Alchemilla

At Alchemilla (\al-ke-mil-lah\), we boldly embrace the philosophy that we all have an inherent, natural beauty. Beauty that radiates from the inside out, regardless of our body?s size, shape, or age.

Alchemilla believes that the way to protect and cherish our innate radiance is by honoring our body temple, taking care of it gently and naturally.

True beauty is perfected when we use the tools that Mother Nature gives us to enhance our skin?s natural function and to promote balance.

Alchemilla?s cleansing milks, lotions, masques and creams are highly effective, nutrient-dense, and pure formulations that are designed to nurture your skin and contribute to a visible, healthier glow.

Alchemilla is a family owned, Oregon-based company that evolved from a genuine love of plants and a passion for exploring the ways in which they can nourish and support human life.

Since 2006, we have created every product by hand, in small batches.

Our mission is to produce a high-quality, natural skin care line based on healing plant ingredients that provide the skin with what it needs to thrive optimally.

Alchemilla products never contain toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The herbs and flowers that you?ll find in our products are grown organically, wild-harvested or chemically-free in our own Oregon-based herb garden.

Our focus is always on quality rather than quantity.

Our respect for Mother Earth, your body, and your intelligence are the reasons for our commitment to creating environmentally friendly, safe skin care products that do what they say they will do.

At Alchemilla, we serve you and your skin?s best interests.

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