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Prunella vulgaris

Prunella vulgaris


Prunella vulgaris is a creeping aromatic perennial plant from the mint (lamiaceae) family.

Known also as Self-Heal and Heal-All, this astringent herb has had an extensive history of use in Chinese herbalism and appears in texts dating back millenia.

Culpeper, the 17th Century English Physician, considered this herb a "special remedy for inward and outward wounds".

High amounts of triterpenes, tannins, caffeic and rosmarinic acids, as well as vitamins C and K give this herb excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective properties. In addition, a 2006 study also suggests that Prunella vulgaris may offer protection against UVA-induced oxidative stress.

Skin Care Benefits:
Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, styptic, wound healer, anti-bacterial

Alchemilla Products Containing this Herb:

Bath & Body Care
- Detoxify & Balance Organic Body and Massage Oil
- Oregon Lavender Organic Body & Massage Oil
- Geranium Chamomile Organic Body & Massage Oil

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