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Centella Facial Treatment Essence

Centella Facial Treatment Essence

Revitalizes, nurtures, firms and protects skin.

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Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream

Soothes, heals, softens and replenishes dry skin.

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Organic Rosewater & Glycerin Facial Toner

Organic Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Toner

4.0 fl.oz (120ml) US$19.95

Beauty Benefits:

-Soothes and refreshes skin.
- Beautifully hydrates all skin types.
-Helps re-balance skin?s pH after cleansing.
-Removes final traces of cleanser.
- Especially suitable for dry skin types.

Inspired by famous Rosewater and Glycerin recipes of centuries ago, this all natural, alcohol-free facial toner is based on pure rose floral water obtained from steam distillation of fresh, organic Bulgarian rose petals.

This facial toner may be used any time of the day to freshen skin, or after cleansing to remove final traces of make-up and impurities.

A sensory pleasure that leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed and perfectly hydrated.

Natural Actives: Rose*; Vegetable Glycerin
* Organic

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Directions for Use:

Saturate a fresh cotton pad with Organic Rosewater & Glycerin Facial Toner and gently sweep over face, neck and decollete.

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