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Calming Lotion
Calming Salve
Calendula Salve
Hypericum Salve
Tea Tree Ointment
Calendula Cream
Rosebay Willowherb Cream

Works well with:

Calming Cleansing Milk

Calming Cleansing Milk

Soothes while it gently clears away surface impurities.

8.0 fl.oz$26.00

Calming Salve

Calming Salve

Calm and soothe irritation.
A camper's first-aid must have!

0.8 oz$8.00

Skin Therapy Calming Lotion

Calming Lotion

1.0 fl.oz (30ml)
(Sorry, product discontinued)

Beauty Benefits:

- Soothes and supports healing of irritated skin.
- May calm redness associated with rosacea.
- Absorbs quickly - leaves skin lightly nourished.
- Contains no chemicals or aromatic ingredients.
- Vegan product.

This effective topical herbal remedy and moisturizer is infused with the botanical healing power of herbs that are known for their soothing properties. Designed to support healing of irritation associated with hyper-sensitive skin or inflammation reactions.

Although it is an oil, Calming Lotion absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soothed and nourished without the feeling of excessive greasiness. May be used on the face or body, and to help calm redness from rosacea skin conditions.

Calming Lotion is part of our 'Skin Therapy' topical remedy line. It has a richly herbal aroma and leafy green hue characteristic of the plant ingredients used in its creation.

Natural Actives: Agrimony*, Chamomile*, Chickweed*, Green Tea*, Nettles*, Plantain*, Tamanu*, Vitamin E, Willowherb*
* Organic

Directions for Use:

Apply to clean skin. Massage several drops into the affected area using gentle circular motions. May be used as an alternative moisturizer for highly sensitive skin and to help reduce the signs of redness from rosacea.

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