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Natural versus Synthetic Fragrance

Natural -v- Synthetic

(Natural Plant Aromas versus Synthetic Fragrances)

Commercial fragrances are made in a laboratory with synthetically manufactured aromatic chemicals designed to lure and appeal to our senses, leaving us wanting more and more. These are usually evident on ingredient lists as the word 'fragrance'.

Some aromatic compounds are marketed as "Nature Identical". With this type of scent, the consumer is misled into believing that somehow it is naturally fragranced, however "Nature Identical" is created in the same manner as synthetic fragrance however it looks or smells like something in nature.

That is, "Nature Identical" scents are synthetically created in a laboratory, and although the molecules used in the compound may be similar to those in nature and some molecules may indeed be extracted from plants, "Nature Identical" scents can contain no life force or living essence to speak of - it is, after all, man-made.

Synthetics do not lift yor spirits!

Although they may smell pleasant, synthetic fragrances are usually comprised of a toxic chemical cocktail and, at the very least, do nothing to lift our consciousness or offer the true healing potential of pure essential plant oils.

By eliminating synthetic fragrances from our homes and beauty cabinets, and opting for the authentically natural alternative of 100% pure essential oils, we are not only creating a healthier atmosphere for our families, but giving ourselves the opportunity to benefit from the many therapeutic properties available to us from nature.

At Alchemilla we offer undiluted, organically grown essential oils and blends as our way of re-introducing Mother Nature's authentic gift of true aromatic healing to all.

In addition, we also offer an uncommon undiluted version of both Rose Essential Oil and Jasmine Essential Oil for a truly exquisite and genuine aromatic experience.

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